Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A W poem

ok ok....I guess I'll admit it, I never intended for it to be...but it appears this blog is looking like a "mom blog." Never thought I would be a "mom blogger." Turns out this blog is more for my release than for anyone to really read. Sorry. This is where I am right now.... Im embracing it!

Our two year old inspired me to write this poem tonight:

Who ever thought this sweet little face
Could so put a mother in her place

And bring me low to
humble me so

And teach me more than
I could ever have hoped to know

And bring me high with giddy delight
And then its time to kiss him goodnight

As he slumbers quietly
I get down on my knees

Oh Lord, please make me wise
and gentle and kind

Because tomorow him and I
will probably get in another bind

And let me give thanks that
each day is new

And so are mercies and grace renewed

Who ever thought this sweet little face......
Could so put a mother in her place.

He's asleep now.
I miss him already.

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